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San Diego Violent Crime Defense Attorneys

Being accused of a crime in San Diego is a complicated situation which requires serious legal support. For an expert defense, Lee Law Group is your San Diego criminal defense law firm with years of experience in representing clients with complex legal battles.

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After an arrest, you will feel like you have very little control over the situation. Do not don’t talk to the police without your lawyer, other than to request to contact your attorney. Aside from your name, you are under no obligation to volunteer information to a police officer.

Lee Law Group is your San Diego criminal defense law firm. We represent clients facing critical legal battles. We will be at your side from protecting and guiding you during interrogation to aggressively defending you in the courtroom.

The dedicated San Diego defense law firm of Lee Law Group is always ready to fight for your freedom and deliver high-quality, experienced legal support every step of the way.

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Potential Consequences of Violent Crimes

There are various violent crimes you may be charged in San Diego. Most carry hefty punishments for offenders, up to life in prison. Less severe crimes may involve probation, fines, or shorter jail times. This is determined through negotiation between your attorney and the prosecutors.

Even after serving your time, your conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. It can be challenging for you to find gainful employment. Moreover, it will impact your right to vote, carry a weapon, and right to the custody of your child. Your relationships will often suffer during the criminal justice process, mainly if you serve time behind bars. A conviction for a violent crime changes every aspect of your life.

Common violent crime charges in San Diego include:

  • Assault and/or Battery
  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Domestic Violence
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Three-Strikes Crime

Get in touch if you are facing criminal charges. At Lee Law Group, our San Diego criminal lawyers will work hard to move the process along as swiftly as possible with effective negotiation and evidence-based arguments.

Domestic Violence Lawsuits

domestic violence attorneyIn San Diego, domestic violence crimes fall under either Corporal Injury on a Spouse PC 273.5(a) or Domestic Battery PC243(e)(1).

Under PC 273.5(a), it is a crime to injure a spouse, fiancée, and cohabitant. It also applies to injuries inflicted on a former fiancée, former spouse, someone the accused has or used to date, or the mother or father of the accused’s child. Willfully inflicting physical injury which causes “traumatic condition” to the victim is punishable under this penal code.

On the other hand, under PC 243(e)(1) touching a spouse, cohabitant or fiancee which proved to be forceful, rude, or offensive will result in domestic battery charges. Just like PC 273.5(a), it also applies to a former spouse, former fiancée, someone the accused has or used to date, or the mother or father of the accused’s child.

Penalties for Domestic Violence

Penalties for crimes under PC 273.5 is considered a felony. Charges will depend upon the prosecution’s investigation of injuries and whether the accused has any history or prior convictions of domestic violence. Punishment may include:

  • Jail time ranging from one year in county jail to four years in California state prison
  • Domestic violence classes up to 52 weeks
  • Criminal protective order
  • Restitution and fines
  • Prohibition of firearm possession

While penalties under PC 243(e)(1) may be considered a misdemeanor subject to the relevant investigations of the prosecution. Punishment may include:

  • Jail time- up to one year in county jail
  • Fine of up to $2000
  • Domestic violence classes
  • Prohibition of firearm possession

It is important to note that victims cannot drop the charges if he/she decides not to prosecute. Once the law enforcement agency is involved, the prosecution can still push through regardless of the victims’ requests.

The Criminal Defense Process

Processes in the court system can be overwhelming and confusing especially if you are not familiar with it. Here at Lee Law Group, we will take you through each step and what to expect. We will ensure that you are prepared. Knowing each process ensures that you know how to protect yourself.

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Each step is important as your life can change in the blink of an eye. Being well-prepared with a strong legal team behind you ensures that you are given the justice that you deserve.

Investigation: Involves collecting crime scene and related evidence and interviewing key witnesses to piece together the events surrounding the possible crime. You may be questioned and even subject to a search of your property. Even at this early stage, you will benefit from the support of an experienced attorney. A legal expert can help you prepare, how to conduct yourself, which questions to answer, and your rights during the investigation.

Arrests and Charges: If the investigation points to your guilt, then you may be arrested. At this point, the police can conduct a search without a warrant. However, they need a probable cause to charge you with the crime.

Arraignment: This is your first chance to appear in court where you will be read your charges and explained your rights. You will enter a plea which will be either not guilty, guilty, or no contest. It is important to consult with your defense lawyer to understand the pros and cons of each plea before making any decisions.

Bail: Bail may be addressed during your arraignment or on a separate hearing. The judge may release you without bail, set bail, or deny bail.

Pretrial: During this step, your defense attorney and the prosecution will build their respective cases. They may file motions to address various legal issues including any of your rights which were violated during the search or investigation. Your lawyer may also challenge any evidence against you.

Trial: Each side will present relevant evidence, testimony, and arguments to a judge or a jury. The prosecutor should prove your guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. You should be backed by an experienced legal team to give you a fighting chance.

Sentencing: This happens on a separate hearing where the judge will hear recommendations from prosecution and your defense lawyer about the appropriate sentence.

Having the support of a skilled, experienced attorney in San Diego can greatly affect your ability to obtain a favorable resolution. The dedicated criminal defense trial lawyers at Lee Law Group provide expert legal support during the whole process.

Whether you have been arrested in San Diego for a DUI crime, drug trafficking, drug paraphernalia, or other drug charges, white collar crimes, domestic battery, assault and battery, sex crimes or sexual assault, theft charges, child abuse or other felony offenses, our aggressive San Diego criminal attorneys are ready to fight for you.

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