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I cannot say enough good things about my experience.

I have never met a lawyer that cared so much! I am from out of state and Mr. Lee went above and beyond my expectations and navigated us (I say us because he really made me feel like we were in this together) through a complicated legal situation with the best possible outcome. I am truly amazed at the amount of effort and diligence that he put into my case. He is extremely knowledgeable and without his help, I would have been big trouble. Trust is not a word I use lightly. But, I can say without one bit of doubt or hesitation, that Mr. Lee can be trusted to handle your most dire and complicated legal matters with honesty and dedication. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with the Lee Law Group.

- William May

Mr. Lee covered two of my criminal cases in a phenomenal way.

Mr. Lee covered two of my criminal cases in a phenomenal way. He got me reduced sentences, so I am glad I paid for his representation.

- Alexander Schleyhahn

I would recommend to anyone in need, very professional.

I would recommend to anyone in need, very professional, will to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

- Allen Shugar

Mr. Lee is a genuine, stand-up gentleman.

I have not needed criminal defense before. I am a corporate officer in a large company - a professional - and could not really afford to have a criminal charge on my record. Mr. Lee is as-advertised: a gung-ho, take-no-prisoners advocate on your behalf. Talk about going the extra mile. This man has constantly amazed me in terms of his price and the services rendered for the price. Went far beyond the scope of work we originally agreed upon. Mr. Lee is an excellent communicator, very knowledgeable, and very aggressive--on your behalf. While I did not enjoy participating in the criminal process, it did turn out OK for me and he was there at every step of the way - fantastic customer service.Mr. Lee is a genuine, stand-up gentleman.

- Bill Malone

He did a great job.

He did a great job thank-you Ernest Lee

- Anibal Garcia

I would recommend him to everyone who needs a lawyer.

Because of Mr. Lee, I did not even have to go to court. I owe him huge thanks. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a lawyer.

- Veli Hergul

Need a good lawyer give Ernest & his staff a call u won't be disappointed.

Hello my name is Rich and I had just got pulled over for my second DUI and i was terrified! I knew this incident would drastically change my life and my job situation. I did endless web searches on DUI lawyers & consequences to see what I was up against. After a while it all seemed redundant so many lawyers to pick from how could I choose the right one. I felt like a child in a toy store trying to choose the best toy are u kidding me, just pick one! Well anyway I ended up going with my gut feeling and I chose Attorney Ernest Lee and I'm glad I did! He was very confident & calming on my initial phone call which made me feel a little better. We then met and he was very professional & aware of the Califonia DUI laws & interpretations. He also let me workout a payment plan that was financially affordable for me which set me a little further at ease. I was aware I was being charged with the two normal counts that come with a DUI but upon his initial research I was actually being charged with a total of five different charges! I was definitely looking at jail time! Well to make a long story short Ernest Lee & his staff got all five of my charges bundled into one, no jail time and if I complete all my classes and requirements there is a strong possibility that the judge will dismiss all my charges and both DUI's from my record. Wow now that's why I'm glad I chose Ernest, it's the best outcome I could ever hope for in my situation. So if your in my situation and need a good lawyer give Ernest & his staff a call u won't be disappointed.

- Richard Pollard

Ernest Lee all he needs now is a cape.

Man did I mess up but who was there to catch my fall Ernest Lee all he needs now is a cape.

- John Casas

I will recommend Ernest Lee for any DUI case.

Mr. Ernest Lee took my DUI case personally. After a sure to be charged circumstance, Ernest got me a outstanding deal due to my military punishment and military ordered treatment. I will recommend Ernest Lee for any DUI case. Truly amazing....

- Amal Lee

Mr. Lee is very upfront and honest guy.

Mr. Lee is very upfront and honest guy who knows the system and, more importantly, the people in it. I was surprised he asked for such a low fee to begin with and, as it turns out, although he made a lot more effort and even followed through afterwards, he never asked for another penny. They say that 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad reputation LOL well I am happy to report that Ernest Lee fits well in that 1% of lawyers who really get things done and for a surprisingly low fee!

- Mark Allen

An excellent attorney, very good choice I made.

An excellent attorney, very good choice I made. Definitely I recommend it. He achieve to dismiss my case.

- Isaac Ramirez

I will recommend your services to anyone without exemption.

Thank you to lowyer Ernest Lee, your a great men and keep up the good work. I will recommend your services to anyone without exemption.Carlos C

- Carlos Cortez

He knows the law and he knows and believes in people!

Mr. Lee is very professional and was like a godsend! Though it may not be a situation or place that you want to be in, I can say that there is no other person that I would rather have representing me and taking up my case then Mr. Lee.He always answered any questions I had and was always available whenever I needed to speak to him. He made it his personal mission to make sure justice was seen. If you ever have any legal concern, this is the man that I would recommend and would make sure you don't hesitate to call. He knows the law and he knows and believes in people!

- Eric Landman

Definitely worth it!

Definitely a lifesaver! Got my case dropped and for a very reasonable price. Very knowledgeable and a consummate professional! Definitely worth it!

- Kristjan Lacroix

Mr. Lee was amazing!

Mr. Lee was amazing! I needed some help and he jumped right in. I called for help and he starting making calls immediately just off a phone call. He has years of experience and was very knowledgeable. He was able to get me a deal on a 2 count felony charge of domestic violence down to no DV no weapons probation pleas which allowed me to keep my job. I would recommend his services to anyone who is in need! He was understanding of the situation and had no judgment he just genuinely wanted to help.

- Mathew Martensen

Great Lawyer!

I was hesitant at first to approach a lawyer, believing that lawyers are only out to get your money. But Mr. Lee definitely proved that assumption wrong.Never have I met such a caring and knowledgeable person in his field. If you want someone who is easy to contact and responses immediately then he is definitely the person to handle your case.He worked tirelessly and went out of his way to contact multiple other lawyers to get information so that my case would be successful. It's obvious that he will stop at nothing to get the best results in any case.He was able to get my DUI charge down to a wet and reckless even with a BAC of .13 and an open container. He is a miracle reason within reason and he really does care about his clients going out of his way to contact you through calls and email just to ask how you are.He is also very understanding of your financial standing and is flexible with his rate and payment. He is generous but also clear and concise never hiding anything from his clients.

- Jim Watson

He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.

Mr. Lee was amazing! He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful throughout my entire legal process. He knew the law like the back of his had and fought very diligently to get me the result I deserved! He was honest and very straight forward. If you are looking for someone who will give you all of the information and fight for you till the bitter end them Mr. Lee and Lee Law Group are the best option! I would highly recommend him and will return for his assistance in any possible future situation!

- Taylor Belden

Most hard working attorney that will work for you.

I think Mr.Lee is the most hard working attorney that will work for you to get the best outcome out of your legal situation, and moreover, he is not going to charge his client that "premium price" to help out as well! If you ever been shutdown with other attorneys, or feel your current attorney do what he wants to do rather than what you want to do for whatever reason, or been told it can't get done when you already do your research and feel it has the opportunity to be done, try and go to Mr.Lee! He will give you a realistic appraisal of what could and could NOT be done and will fight for you as far as the law permit.

- Leon Morello

I highly recommend them.

LEE LAW group took the up most care with my DV case that I was going to be charged with DV and he got out in front of the problem early. He did NOT tell me lies he told me what he may be able to do and did so much more!!!! I can't thank them enough for that. The fee was very low and he worked with me as far as the payment goes I highly recommend them.

- Kent Smith

They provided excellent customer service.

Ernest Lee and the Lee Law Group represented me in an employment case where I was wrongfully terminated. They provided excellent customer service, and even though he is in charge of the firm, Ernest was always available. They kept me informed during all times and on all facets of my case. I was able to obtain recovery (money) against great odds. As one with firsthand experience, I recommend the Lee Law Group if you are wrongly treated by your employer or for all your legal needs.

- Lawrence Walker

Great lawyer, went above and beyond.

Great lawyer, went above and beyond to make sure I got the best possible outcome. Also still continued to help me after I had paid him everything.

- Eric Brandt

Ernest Lee is the most amazing lawyer.

Ernest Lee is the most amazing lawyer, very thorough & explains everything to a simple manner. He went back to court for me multiple times even when my case was finished to knock off some fees that weren't suppose to be there, thanks for everything Ernest I definitely will come to you for all future legal issues

- Brandon Enriquez

Very helpful never give up and it is true he knows the law!

I give a 5 star because he did such a great job, help me out till the case was close Very helpful never give up and it is true he knows the law!

- Itzel Cante

Great lawyer helped in every possible way.

- Robert Andrews

Ernest is honestly the best lawyers I have ever had.

Ernest is honestly the best lawyers I have ever had. This was my second DUI and my first lawyer wasn't very helpful like Ernest. He just did everything himself without informing me on anything. Ernest; however, would always contact me when there was an update and would tell me to do certain things just to make my charge less. He would constantly check up on me and my progress. He made sure that he could get the best sentence for me and tried his hardest to get my sentence to work with my work schedule to make sure I don't lose my job. I highly recommend any who needs a lawyer to please contact Lee Law Group. They help you out so much! They even took the time to summarize my judgement minute order (which is really confusing to read) in an organized word doc with all the dates I need to complete my items highlighted. Truly amazing! Thank you so much!!!

- Emily Chau

Well worth his fees.

Ernest used his contacts and skills to get me out of a fairly sticky situation. He was always available to answer my questions and took care of my legal issues without me having to lift a finger.Well worth his fees.

- Owen Westman

Made my life a lot easier throughout this whole process!

I am so happy I found Ernest to be my lawyer. I was convinced that I didn't need one for my case but after talking to him I realized that I would have been going into court blind. His confidence made me believe he new exactly what he's doing, and after court, sure enough he did. It was 100% worth every penny to hire him. And not only did he do, what on paper is his job but he went above and beyond to help me with anything extra that I needed. Made my life a lot easier throughout this whole process!

- Melanie Menin

Saved my life.

Mr. Lee was able to prevent career ending charges from ever being filed. Kept me informed and updated constantly, unprompted. Was compassionate to my panic. Worth every penny. Saved my life.

- Nick Hall

Attorney Lee was very forthcoming.

Attorney Lee was very forthcoming when I went to meet with him, and the office environment was professional and clean. He was kind enough to work out a payment plan for me and help me through the process of pushing my court dates out since I live in Virginia, and because of him I was able to get an arraignment pushed out by about a month. Additionally, Attorney Lee was able to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor to reduce a felony and three misdemeanors, to just one misdemeanor vandalism charge. Paid a fine, and did online anger management.I never had a problem with him getting back to me when I was communicating with him, and I feel that this experience, as terrible as the circumstances that put me in this situation, was made much easier on me due to the great representation of Attorney Lee.

- Nicholas Stenta

Attorney Lee is the best.

Attorney Lee is the best. My dad was being charged with a felony DUI, I did my research for two weeks looking for a lawyer, none gave me any answers I wanted to hear and none I could afford. Finally found Ernest and I couldn't be happier. The first time talking to him gave me so much relief regarding my dad's case. None of the other lawyers seemed to belief my dad could beat any of his charges without going to prison. Since day one Ernest made me belief everything would be alright, and it has been, he has been there every step of the way and done everything possible to help my family. Hands down would recommend him to anyone needing help with any sort of DUI case.

- Ready Cash

Best lawyer ever.

Best lawyer ever. You can count on Ernest to be totally honest and give you the best possible legal advice. He is a total pro and I would recommend him to everybody.

- Ruth Martinez

Ernest Lee was the best choice.

Ernest Lee was the best choice, I could have made to represent me.Was scared and confused; the situation I found myself in was a difficult one. Was unsureWhich lawyer firm I would chose for my case, having interviewed several lawyers before talking to Ernest .After a quick meeting with Ernest; the confusion was lay to rest He explained everything in a language I could understand, and took the time to go over my concerns. Walked out of his officce, feeling a hole lot better about my chances than when I walked in.Ernest stood on top of things; had me informed with daily updates of my case. The results were the best we could have hoped for; just the way Ernest had explained It could beI give Ernest a 6th start; since I did not have to go broke in the process. It turns out that in addition of been the best; as far as I’m concerned. The fees were reasoble, also offered a payment plan, in the event my case would turn in to a long process.Talk about a WIN-WIN!!! Thank you, Ernest you’re THE MAN!

- Antonio Arzate

Highly recommend!!!!

Mr. Lee is a man of his word. I cant Express how excited I am. He went and did what many other Lawyers said they couldn't do or were over charging to do. At one point I was being charged $5000 to just reduce 2 felonies to misdemeanor and if I wanted to expunge them I would have to wait and pay an extra 1000 for each and that's if they were successful. Mr Lee gave me a great deal and I didn't have to go to court. I had given up hope on the court system for two DUIs which I did a year in custody. I was in the military and a combat veteran with PTSD. I used alcohol as a clutch and well a hell broke loose when someone else hit me and I was under the influence. I blew .09 and it was a felony DUI because of a sprained ankle on the other person. None the less I did 2 weeks for that and a year and a half later after another hard deployment defending our country I got pulled over and was under the influence. That got me a year in custody, lost my career in the military and I had a bad record. Mr Lee went above and beyond and fought in two court houses for me and got my record expunged. I highly recommend him as your lawyer. He will go over everything you need to know. Mr Lee also responds to all your calls and messages. He updated me on everything that was going on and reassured me that everything was going to work out. Thank you Mr Lee for everything. I greatly appreciate you for what you have done for me. The last 10 years have been hard getting good jobs and now I'm able to go to school and start a better life. Highly recommend!!!!

- Edwin Barrientis

Ernest Lee was an amazing attorney.

Ernest Lee was an amazing attorney this was my second DUI, he set up a great payment plan and he worked very hard to get me the best plea deal. He was very professional, communicated perfectly and made sure everything was easy to read and understand. My finances became pretty rocky, but he was understanding and kind about it. I'm very thankful that I chose Ernest Lee to represent me.

- Tatianna Kelly

Absolute professionalism.

Absolute professionalism. Helped me out in a pinch and was pleasant thru the whole ordeal. I would highly recommend using his firm. I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with his help. Thank you Lee

- Sean Prigge

Mr Lee has made this process as pleasant as it could be.

From the start, Mr Lee has made this process as pleasant as it could be. He is very affordable considering all the other fines and fees that have to be paid. He communicated very well and made sure I understood everything that was happening. He is extremely professional but yet very understanding and compassionate at the same time. I HIGHLY recommend Lee Law Group!

- GA

Listen to your lawyer!!

Like many others in the reviews, I was dealing with a DUI case. My daughter made a few bad decisions, but luckily no one was hurt and her vehicle was the only one damaged. Lee Law Group took care of all the headaches and got her a great deal all things considered. She did everything she was told to do and things worked out in her favor. Listen to your lawyer!!

- Brenda Martin

I would recommend him to anyone looking for legal advice.

Ernest Lee is the best guy to help you if you find yourself in a tricky legal situation. Since the first time I spoke to him he was up front and honest about the outcome he was hoping for and all the steps he would take to make sure we got there. I never had to reach out to him with questions because he would always be the one to call and explain everything before any questions could come to mind! When everything was done he was able to work out a deal that was even better than the one we originally planned for and I could not be more happy to be represented by him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for legal advice because he is an expert at what he does and runs a strong team!

- Ryan Matlock

His honest and truly cares about his clients.

Amazing service at an even better price. Mr. Lee is very experienced and helped me throughout my process. His honest and truly cares about his clients. 10/10 recommend!!!!

- Trevor Link

Attorney Lee is awesome

Attorney Lee is awesome.awesome in integrity,professionalism&dedication to his clients...highly recommended.

- Assef Koorosh

Awesome attorney!

Attorney Lee was able to get me results above&beyond my expectations.he is highly motivated& dedicated..... awesome attorney

- Shawn Assef

I would not think twice about recommending The Lee Law Group.

Mr. Lee has represented me on two occasions. For my first case, it was an outright dismissal and for my second, I believe I was able to get the best possible outcome given the circumstances of my 2nd DUI. He is honest and extremely knowledgeable regarding DUI law here in California. I would not think twice about recommending The Lee Law Group to anyone with DUI troubles here in San Diego.

- S B

Very knowledgeable.

Very knowledgeable. Went beyond my expectations to help my son.

- Christine Matlock

Highly recommend him for your legal matters.

I had never been in any kind of trouble and had no idea what the outcome of my future was going to be when I encountered a felony charge after a driving incident. I was very skeptical who to trust with such intense charges but Ernest was determined to keep my mind at ease by working diligently on my case. He was able to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor after several months of hard work. He even was able to get Scram removed! He was compassionate and patient with me at times when I needed his mentoring. I will always be grateful to him for taking care of my case and highly recommend him for your legal matters.

- Nicole Mayer

Impressive. Thank you Atty. Ernest Lee.

My son was mistakenly identified as a suspect in a crime. I called this firm and they got him out and free in 2 days. Impressive. Thank you Atty. Ernest Lee.

- Theo Sulton

Attorney Lee is awesome.

Attorney Lee is awesome.awesome in integrity,professionalism&dedication to his clients...highly recommended.

- A. Koorosh

He was able to have my case outright dismissed.

Mr. Lee handled my case with expertise and professionalism, he kept me informed during every phase of the proceedings. He was able to have my case outright dismissed. I am extremely fortunate that I picked Mr. Lee to represent me and would actively recommend anyone else to do the same Military or not.

- Chris Dreher