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San Diego Robbery Defense Attorney

Robbery is the act of taking another person’s property from their immediate presence using force, fear, or intimidation. This is a serious crime in California, so if you’re being accused of doing so, it’s crucial to work with a San Diego robbery defense attorney right away.

arrested and in handcuffsAt Lee Law Group, we have skilled criminal defense lawyers who know the complexities of California criminal law and the intricacies of the justice system. Our attorneys are proactive in their defense strategies and dedicated to helping clients achieve a favorable resolution.

If you choose to work with us, we will focus on personalizing our defense approach by examining your case’s facts. Our main priority will be to prove your innocence and get your case acquitted. However, if the prosecution gets hold of incriminating evidence against you and an acquittal is impossible, trust that we’ll fight to minimize your penalties as much as possible.

When you know you’re being implicated in a robbery case, contact our robbery defense lawyer immediately. We’ll handle all the paperwork and file all necessary motions on your behalf. With our help, you can better protect your freedom or, at the very least, ensure you won’t suffer the maximum jail sentence.

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San Diego Robbery Charges

Although the two terms are commonly interchanged by those not practicing law, ‘robbery’ and ‘theft’ are two different charges. One major difference is that with robbery, potential or actual violence is involved. Additionally, robbery charges in California are classified as either first-degree or second-degree robbery.

First-Degree Robbery

You can be charged with first-degree robbery if you allegedly committed any of the following:

  • You robbed someone while they’re currently using an ATM or when they just recently accessed an ATM.
  • You robbed a commercial driver (e.g., delivery drivers, public transport drivers/ operators) or their passengers.
  • You robbed any occupied structure, such as a house, apartment, or other accommodation.

Being charged with first-degree robbery increases the chance of you having to serve some jail time. Included in the possible punishment for being convicted of first-degree robbery are state imprisonment that can last up to 9 years, a fine that can go as high as $10,000, and a strike in California’s Three Strikes Law.

Second-Degree Robbery

A second-degree robbery is technically a lesser charge compared to a first-degree robbery. However, it is still treated as a serious criminal offense. If the alleged robbery doesn’t fall under the category of first-degree robberies, it’s automatically classified as a second-degree robbery.

If convicted of this crime, you may face the following penalties:

  • Two, three, or five years of jail time in a state prison.
  • A maximum of $10,000 in fines.
  • A strike under the Three Strikes Law

Defenses Against San Diego Robbery Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers have been in the service for many years already. We are familiar with how the justice system works and what defenses work for different criminal charges. However, there is no one-size-fits-all defense strategy for all similar cases.

New Jersey Criminal Law AttorneysThis is why we always conduct a meticulous assessment at the beginning of working on a certain case. This gives us insight into how we can best defend you using the available facts and evidence in your case.

The following are some of the common defenses that we can personalize to fit your circumstances:

Lack of force, fear, or intimidation.

The prosecution’s burden is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you used force, fear, or intimidation to take another’s property away from their immediate presence. We can effectively challenge this accusation by, for example, arguing that people’s emotions are subjective. Another solid way is to provide evidence that you didn’t use force on anyone.

A genuine belief of ownership.

We can also demonstrate in court that you have reasonable cause to genuinely believe that you owned the item. This can be applied if you have an item similar to what you’re being accused of robbing or mistakenly thought you were given ownership of the item.

Mistaken identity.

There’s also always the chance that a witness has mistaken you for someone else. Our defense lawyer can challenge the witness’s identification and create doubt on their statement’s credibility.

Best San Diego Robbery Defense Attorney

criminal defense attorney in New Jersey

In California, robbery cases are serious business. Getting convicted can lead to probable consequences that can disrupt your life significantly. That’s why if you’re charged with robbery, it’s crucial to have legal representation from the beginning. Luckily, Lee Law Group is here to help!

Our team of robbery defense lawyers comprises highly qualified individuals selected with meticulous care, ensuring you receive superior legal services compared to other firms. With years of experience defending robbery cases, we’ve mastered the art of effective defense to keep you as far from prison as possible.

Moreover, we don’t treat a case as just a copy of the previous ones. At Lee Law Group, we take personalized, proactive steps to craft a defense strategy tailored to your unique circumstances. This ensures we can advocate for your best interests and achieve the most favorable resolution your case allows.
So, if you want your rights protected, your freedom secure, or your penalties reduced to the minimum, there’s no better team to entrust your case to us.

Let’s Talk Now- Initial Consultation

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Whether you’re charged with first-degree or second-degree robbery, working with a skilled San Diego robbery defense attorney is vital. Lee Law Group can provide that for you!

We have represented countless accused criminals in the past, and we’ve fought for their rights as best as possible. While an acquittal is not guaranteed, as it will depend on the prosecution’s evidence against you, rest assured that our passionate legal representation can mitigate your situation.

The best thing you can do is contact us as soon as you’re being charged with robbery. This will give us ample time to go over your case and strategize on how to effectively keep you out of prison or prevent you from receiving the maximum punishment.

Call Lee Law Group today at (619) 566-8085 for your Initial Consultation with a San Diego Robbery Defense attorney!