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San Diego Robbery Defense Attorney

Robbery, regardless of movie portrayals, isn’t just late-night theft or being held at gunpoint while your money, cards, or gadgets are being taken away from you.

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Under California law, robbery is defined as any form of taking someone else’s property from their immediate presence using either force, fear, or intimidation. If you are accused of doing any of these, immediately secure the service of our San Diego robbery defense attorney.

Lee Law Group is a criminal law firm that has defended a lot of accused robbers already. Most of these clients had their charges dismissed or reduced. None of them had suffered the maximum penalties that the prosecution wanted them to have—all thanks to our team of skilled robbery defense attorneys.

With us, you can rest assured that your side of the story will be heard, your situation will be properly assessed, your defense will be solidly built, and your case resolution will be the most effective one possible. Lee Law Group ensures that long-term imprisonment or extra hefty fines won’t be part of your future.

Once charged with robbery, take control of what will happen next. Choose to work with someone who knows the criminal law down to its minute technicalities. With our San Diego robbery defense attorney, the necessary skills, knowledge, commitment, and aggressive defense for your case will be provided with excellence, no matter what.

When your freedom is put at stake, only trust a company that has successfully defended and freed numerous people from allegations for several years already.

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San Diego Robbery Charges

police investigation on robbery chargesIt is important to take note that robbery charges are different from theft charges. This is because when your charge is classified as robbery, this means that there is potential or actual violence involved in the criminal act. Robbery may also be identified as first degree or second degree.

First-Degree Robbery

You will be charged with first-degree robbery if you allegedly committed any of the following:

1. You robbed an individual who’s currently accessing or recently accessed an ATM.
2. You robbed a commercial driver or their passengers. This includes delivery drivers and operators of public transport.
3. You robbed an occupied structure, which can be a house, apartment, building, or any other type of accommodation.

If you’re charged with first-degree robbery, you have a greater chance of serving jail time. Some of the possible penalties you will need to face when convicted are:

1. State imprisonment for up to nine years
2. Fine with a maximum of $10,000
3. Another strike under Three Strikes Law

Second-Degree Robbery

Although this is a less severe charge than a first-degree robbery, second-degree robbery is still as serious as any other criminal offense. Any robbery that doesn’t qualify as a first-degree robbery will automatically go under this category.

Second-degree robberies may result in the following consequences:

1. State imprisonment for either two, three, or five years.
2. A maximum of $10,000 in fine
3. Another strike under the Three Strikes Law
4. Defenses against San Diego Robbery Charges

For you to be convicted of robbery, prosecutors will have to prove that you took the property of another individual (1) in their immediate presence, (2) against their will, (3) by force, fear, or intimidation, (4) and with the intent to deny the owner of the property.

defense attorney services in San Diego, CAHowever, with our San Diego robbery defense attorney beside you, you will have the most effective defense that will lead to the reduction or dismissal of your robbery charges. Among our proven effective defense courses are the following:

1. Lack of force, fear, or intimidation.

Prosecutors will prove that you used force, fear, or intimidation beyond a reasonable doubt. However, we can always challenge this in court since people’s emotions are largely subjective.

2. A genuine belief of ownership.

Our experienced robber defense attorneys can always build a strong case around your genuine belief in the allegedly robbed property ownership. This can be done even if the property isn’t yours.

3. Mistaken identity.

Mistaken identities aren’t new to robbery cases. Many eyewitnesses may have mistaken you for someone they’ve seen robbing them or someone else. Our defense attorneys can challenge the identification, establish doubt on the statement’s credibility, and get it suppressed if possible.

4. False accusations.

Like any other criminal offense, there will be a person who will falsely accuse you of committing a crime. This scheme won’t just put the wellness and stability of your personal and professional life on hold. It will also ruin your entire life if you don’t work with a skilled robbery defense attorney.

Best San Diego Robbery Defense Attorney

California law, just like anywhere else, won’t take robbery cases lightly.

San Diego Criminal Attorney

Grave penalties that will undoubtedly disrupt the nice flow of your life will fall upon you if you’re charged with this offense but failed to choose the best legal representative. Fortunately, Lee Law Group is here!

Our team of San Diego, CA robbery defense attorneys is composed of talented individuals with the most impressive credentials and work ethics. We choose each member of our firm with carefulness, adhering to tall standards and ensuring that with whoever our clients work, they are guaranteed to receive a high-quality legal service that will spare them from jail time or large fines.

After years of defending robbery-accused individuals, we are proud to say that we have mastered the principles of good defense to get you as far away from prison as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that we will treat your case like anybody else’s; it’s the opposite. At Lee Law Group, we take personalized, proactive steps to execute the most effective defense strategy that’s specifically tailored to your unique circumstances.

If you want to ensure that your rights will be protected and your interests will be put forward, there’s no better team to work with than us. Call us today for a free consultation!

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Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoWhether you are falsely accused or have been mistaken as someone else, our defense services will prove to be vital once you find yourself facing the consequences of being charged with robbery.

Do not wait until you’re already behind bars, and your dreams are already gradually slipping away from your fingers before you call for help.

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