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San Diego Kidnapping Defense Attorney

A kidnapping offense is not uncommon in San Diego.

San Diego kidnapping defense attorney

This criminal act is one thing that Lee Law Group has a lot of experience handling. This is the reason why we know that if it’s not dealt with properly and immediately, you are to suffer from grave punishments upon conviction. So before your whole life turns into a hot mess, turn to our San Diego kidnapping defense attorney for help.

Technically, the California Penal Code defines kidnapping as the unlawful taking and moving of a person by force to a considerable distance. It’s a serious felony charge that calls for a strike under the Three Strikes Law. Fortunately, Lee Law Group has a team that can successfully defend you whenever you are accused of committing kidnapping.

Each of our kidnapping defense attorneys was hired for their promising credentials, expertise, knowledge of the law, as well as impressive work ethics. We also put them under our intensive training to ensure that they will deliver the quality of legal service that we promised to our clients. This way, we know whoever will be the attorney assigned to your case, he/she will work hard on assessing your situation and guiding you through the most efficient defense route possible for your case.

At Lee Law Group, trust that we will utilize our knowledge, skills, experience, and professional relationships to reduce, dismiss or acquit your kidnapping charges. So don’t waste another moment and start building a solid defense case with us today!

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Factors that Determine Kidnapping in San Diego

For an act to be considered as kidnapping, it should have the following elements:

police investigation on kidnapping in San Diego

1. You have unlawfully taken and moved another person using force or fear.

If the person you took with you or moved away didn’t give you his/her consent, what you did is classified as unlawful. If you did it while physically moving him/her to your intended direction, the act is considered forceful. On the other hand, using fear can be done by pointing a gun, knife, or threatening him/her with physical violence.

2. You moved the victim over a sizeable amount of distance.

Kidnapping is the act of holding someone without their consent and taking them to a distant place. Grabbing someone and pushing them over a slight distance will never be considered kidnapping. Usually, kidnapping is connected to a battery, assault, or rape case. The kidnapping typically occurs before these crimes are committed.

Penalties of Kidnapping Conviction in San Diego

California law doesn’t see kidnapping as a minor violation. It has stiff penalties, including the following:

prison sentence due to kidnapping conviction

1. Serving time in state prison or county jail
2. Paying court fines, fees, and victim restitution
3. Being under probation
4. Having a permanent criminal record

Although the typical kidnapping charge, which is a felony offense, often leads to a state prison sentence for three, five, to eight years, there are some enhanced penalties. These include:

1. Five, eight, or eleven years of jail time in state prison if the kidnap victim is under 14 years old.
2. A life sentence without the possibility of parole will likely be the result of kidnapping that leads to rape, robbery, sodomy, oral copulation, or sexual penetration.

No easy penalty awaits someone convicted of a kidnapping charge. So to avoid suffering the worst-case scenario, work with our San Diego kidnapping defense attorney, and get your life back on track.

Top San Diego Kidnapping Defense Attorney

Like any other criminal offense, being convicted of a kidnapping charge will take away all the good opportunities in your life.

San Diego Criminal Attorney

Fortunately, this isn’t necessarily true for all who are already facing a kidnapping charge. With the right defense attorney beside you, it is highly possible to save yourself from ending up in jail and losing a huge amount of money.

Lee Law Group is ready to defend you before any court in San Diego. With our skilled and experienced kidnapping defense lawyers, no case is impossible to win.

There is always something we can do to give you the most favorable outcome for your case. We do this by carefully assessing every piece of information or chunk of the story you share with us and coming up with the most effective and practical solution applicable to your situation. Rest assured that we know all the nuances in California law, making us confident in finding a better defense route to ease your case’s burden.

Aside from our knowledge, our experience is also a huge assurance that we can handle your case with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Lee Law Group has already handled hundreds of kidnapping cases that attained success for us and our satisfied clients. We guarantee that our seasoned kidnapping defense attorneys consider every law, procedure, and possibilities that may play a huge role in your case.

Also, our impressive reputation among the legal community precedes us. Our attorneys represent our proactive, aggressive, yet ethical defense strategies known to deliver satisfactory results to our clients. All in all, you will never go wrong with partnering up with Lee Law Group—the best San Diego, CA criminal law firm.

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Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoPenalties from a kidnapping conviction are extremely bitter pills to swallow. However, getting the best San Diego kidnapping defense attorney to defend you can be the difference you need in order to dismiss your case instead of being sent behind bars!

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