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Were you involved in a car accident but failed to stop at the scene to assess the situation and provide your information? To address any hit and run charges against you and resolve associated issues, contact Lee Law Group today.

San Diego Hit and Run Attorney Canva Man Wearing Black Officer Uniform 300x200Car accidents are a frequent occurence, given that many people depend on private vehicles for transportation rather than using public commuting options. Because accidents can happen unexpectedly, it’s often a natural response for many individuals to flee the scene, even if they were at fault for the accident. However, running away comes with legal consequences and penalties that can significantly impact your privilege to drive in the future.

If you’re dealing with a San Diego hit and run case, Lee Law Group can assist you in comprehending the charges and offer legal advice and strategies to help resolve your case. You can contact us immediately after the accident, and we will help you understand the legal process while working on a legal strategy for your case. Whether you want us to file the case against a driver or you are the driver accused of hit and run, we can be your staunchest legal support.

Call Lee Law Group at (619) 566-8085 for your Consultation with a San Diego Hit and Run attorney.

Definition of Hit and Run in California

In California, a driver is required to leave their name and contact information to the victim if they accidentally bumped the victim’s vehicle or property and caused damage. It is also imperative to contact the police immediately if there are any injured victims or if the accident results in fatalities. Failure to do so will result in the driver being charged with hit and run.

San Diego Hit and Run Attorney Canva Two Police Men Standing Near Another Person Beside White and Blue Police Vehicle on Road 300x199Hit and run can also be charged to a person if they:

  • Knew that they had been involved in a vehicular accident that caused property damage.
  • Willfully failed to do one or more of the following: (a) stop immediately at the accident site or (b) provide the property owner or the other driver with their name and contact information (and the name and contact details of the person who owns the vehicle that the defendant drove)

A hit and run case becomes a felony if the accident resulted in either injury or death to another person. The prosecution will have to prove that a driver is directly involved in the case in order for this charge to stick.

Lee Law Group can assist clients facing San Diego hit and run charges, ensuring they receive the right legal support whenever necessary. When you contact us, we will assign you to one of our experienced lawyers to exclusively handle your case and provide you with the appropriate legal services to resolve your situation. If you are the victim, we can help you file the case and be your legal representative throughout the hearing.

Hit and Run-Related Offenses

During San Diego hit and run trials, the court also looks into the other offenses or violations the defendant may have committed during the accident. These offenses or violations often have an impact on the penalties a defendant may face if they are found guilty.

San Diego Hit and Run Attorney block1 300x199These hit and run-related offenses are as follows:

  • Driving without a license – This offense can be applied to drivers who failed to renew their license or obtain one. It can either be an infraction or a misdemeanor, depending on the conviction made by the court.
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – This offense is applied when it is discovered that the driver’s physical and mental capacity was affected by either drugs or alcohol. If convicted, it is charged as a misdemeanor for the first three offenses; if it is more than that, it becomes a felony.
  • DUI with Injury – If the offense ended up causing an injury to another person and the driver committed a DUI, it will be considered a DUI with Injury charge. It is a misdemeanor if it is the first to third offense. It becomes an automatic felony for the fourth offense.
  • Exhibition of Speed – If the driver caused the hit and run after engaging in an exhibition of speed or dangerous driving, it will be added to the charges. It is considered a misdemeanor offense.

When you contact one of our San Diego hit and run lawyers, they will immediately check if other crimes or offenses will be added to your initial case. We will explain how the case will be reviewed with these offenses included in the charges and what legal strategy we will employ to get a lighter sentence.

Penalties for Hit and Run in San Diego

If a defendant is found guilty of hit and run in San Diego, CA, the penalties they may receive depend on the severity of the charges against them. If it is classified as a misdemeanor hit and run offense, they can face a short prison sentence in San Diego County jail, a set fine, points in their DMV record, and pay restitution. Additional penalties may also be added by the court if the defendant is found guilty of other crimes related to the offense, such as probation, community service, and mandatory seminars to stop alcohol and substance use.

DUI accident injury lawyersFurthermore, if this is the first offense and it was ruled that alcohol did not cause the hit and run, a defendant may request a “civil compromise.” Under this rule, charges will be dismissed if the victim is fully compensated for the accident.

Meanwhile, if the case is a felony hit and run, harsher penalties will be given. Penalties include a jail sentence in either county or state prison, depending on the injury sustained by the victim, extensive fines, points in their DMV record, and restitution. Further penalties will be added if related crimes are committed.

Our San Diego, CA criminal law firm has assisted many clients with their hit and run cases, allowing us to identify the possible penalties new clients may face. We can also explain how previous offenses or related offenses can influence the penalties that the court will give if the defendant is found guilty. Our legal strategy for the case will take into consideration the severity of the charges to fight against severe penalties as much as possible or get it dismissed.

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No one wants to get into a vehicular accident, given the consequences it has, especially if you were the one who caused it. When this happens, stay at the accident site and don’t hesitate to contact us for legal support. Our lawyers will be with you in every step of the case so that you can make the right decisions. You have a strong legal defense that aims to reduce the sentence you may receive should you be found guilty of the crime.

We promise that we will do our best to fight for a result that is just and reasonable for all parties. You can always contact us for any concerns and questions about your legal battles, and we will be more than happy to assist.

Call Lee Law Group at (619) 566-8085 for your Consultation with a San Diego Hit and Run attorney.