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San Diego Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Possession of controlled substances like narcotics, heroin, cocaine, opiates, peyote, and other hallucinogenic products is considered illegal under the California Health and Safety Code 11350 HS.

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Even prescription drugs like codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone are considered illegally possessed if you didn’t have a valid prescription that must be used to acquire them.

If you are charged for this offense, know that you are about to face severe penalties that could get worse if you don’t immediately work with a skilled San Diego drug possession defense attorney.

Lee Law Group has a team of extensively experienced criminal defense lawyers that is more than capable of winning your case. Years after the firm’s establishment, we have already defended many individuals accused of drug possession with tremendous success. We have either reduced, dismissed, or acquitted their charges. We have delivered satisfactory results to each of our clients.

Rest assured, once you work with us, we will proactively defend you and disprove your alleged criminal acts. Even if this is your first offense, we assure you that we won’t make your legal experience any harder than it already is. After you tell us your whole side of the story, we will then devote our knowledge and skills to assessing your circumstances and determining the best possible way to give you a resolution that’s tipped in your favor.

At Lee Law Group, we value your rights and interests. That is why we always employ a specific strategy that will effectively ease your tough situation. We will go through every possible defense route and present a solid case that will prove your innocence or reduce your penalties to the minimum.

With us, there’s no need to fear being stuck behind bars just because of having an incompetent defense lawyer. Secure a better outcome with the best legal representative today!

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Drug Possession Charges in San Diego, CA

drug possession criminal defense lawyer in San DiegoRegardless of the drug possession charge filed against you, our defense attorneys are guaranteed to build a solid case that will pave the way for your freedom or minimal punishment.

Every drug possession defense attorney at Lee Law Group can aggressively defend you against the following charges:

1. Possession of drugs, narcotics, or other controlled substances
2. Possession of drugs, narcotics, or other controlled substances with the intent to sell
3. Planting or cultivating marijuana
4. Manufacturing drug, narcotics, or other controlled substances
5. Trafficking of drugs, narcotics, or other controlled substances over the Mexico border

For you to be convicted of a drug possession charge, the prosecution must prove that you are well aware that the drug was a controlled substance, and you intentionally and knowingly possessed or controlled it. At Lee Law Group, our defense attorneys will work on disempowering the prosecution’s case by taking into account the kind of drugs involved, its quantity, and your prior record with the same charge, if there is any.

We guarantee that our San Diego drug possession defense attorney who will work with you will aggressively defend you before the court, presenting arguments that will reduce your penalties, put you under drug treatment instead of serving jail time, and acquire the best probationary terms if your case is not dismissed in court.

Penalties of Drug Possession Conviction in San Diego

police investigation on illegal drug possession case in CaliforniaDrug crime penalties vary on how the prosecutor charged your offense. Factors that play a significant role are the type of drug involved, the intended use of the drugs, and any of your previous criminal record and drug-related convictions. For instance, a minimum of three-year enhancement will be added to your prior conviction’s base penalty if this is already your second drug sales offense.

Drug possession conviction, on the other hand, may lead to the following penalties or consequences:

1. Imprisonment in either county jail or state prison
2. Permanent criminal record
3. Hefty fines
4. Parole or probation
5. Compulsory AA or NA classes and treatment
6. Inability to own firearms and other deadly weapons
7. Lifetime revocation of California driver’s license
8. Denied state board license
9. Revoked or suspended professional license
10. Difficulty in finding a decent job

Remember, though, that under the Three Strikes Law in California, having a serious prior felony conviction will significantly increase your penalties.

Possible Defenses Against a Drug Possession Offense

defenses to illegal drug possession chargesBeing charged with a drug possession offense isn’t a hopeless case. In fact, with Lee Law Group, no criminal case is.

The following arguments are some of the defenses that we can use to prove your innocence or to reduce your charges and penalties:

1. You have a drug prescription.

According to the California Health and Safety Code 11350 HS, no charges will be pressed against you if a valid prescription legalized your drug possession. However, for this to be true, you should’ve followed every drug purchase instruction, you possessed only the prescribed amount of drugs, and the drug prescription was personally for you.

2. Temporary drug possession

Another defense that you can use is the argument that you were only temporarily holding on to the drugs with the full intention to dispose of it later. However, this won’t work if you only got rid of the drugs after realizing that the law enforcement officers are about to find them with you.

3. Oblivious to the drug possession

You can also argue that you didn’t know about the drugs being in your possession. Maybe someone left them with your possessions by mistake or intentionally planted them on your belongings. You may also say that you didn’t know the drugs in your possession were a controlled substance.

However, fleeing from authorities, refusing to be drug tested, and having a previous drug possession record may invalidate this argument.

4. Illegal search or seizure

If this is the case, our drug possession defense attorney can help you establish that the police search and seizure were illegally done. This argument will work if the police illegally arrested you, used more force than necessary, didn’t have a search warrant, or went beyond the scope stated in the search warrant. Once this is proven, we are then a step closer to getting the evidence, or your entire case dismissed.

5. No intention to sell

If your charge was drug possession with the intent to sell, we could help you present a strong argument about how you didn’t intend to sell the drugs and possess them for personal use. Once we have proved this, you can have much lesser penalties. You may even qualify for a drug diversion program as an alternative to serving jail time.

Top San Diego Drug Possession Defense Attorney

San Diego Criminal Law FirmStiff penalties would await you if you get convicted of drug possession.

Fortunately, Lee Law Group has a team of highly skilled drug possession defense attorneys that is always ready to handle your case and defend you in court. With us, minimum penalties and dismissed charges are the only possible outcome you can have for your case.

Over the years, many accused individuals have already experienced our premium legal service, which consists of nothing less than a proactive, personalized defense strategy that aims to give you the most favorable resolution possible. Each of our criminal defense lawyers is trained to carefully assess your case, skillfully find the best defense route for you to take, and aggressively present logical arguments to secure your victory.

So if you don’t want to end up in jail or suffer the maximum penalties that the prosecution will happily see you suffer from, Lee Law Group is the best San Diego, CA criminal law firm that you can call.

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Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoDrug possession is as serious as any other criminal offense. Although it may lead to lesser penalties than more atrocious crimes, the consequences are still life-damaging.

Do not wait until you already have to get confined in state prison or pay a hefty amount of fine. Work with a San Diego drug possession defense attorney immediately!

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