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San Diego Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney

San Diego Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Do not be fooled that possession of drug paraphernalia will be just a minor violation under California law. In reality, being charged with this crime will have you facing grave penalties that, at times, can be worse than what you’ll get if you’re caught having some types of controlled substances. So if you are now facing the possibility of this unfortunate event, seek help from our experienced San Diego drug paraphernalia defense attorney.

Jail time and fines are among the penalties for possession of drug paraphernalia as a criminal misdemeanor. If you get convicted of the charge, a drug offense will be stated on your record, which could then limit your ability to land a job or acquire an apartment, among many other negative effects on your life. That is why here at Lee Law Group, P.C., we work fast in figuring out the most solid defense story for your case.

Each of our drug paraphernalia defense attorneys is trained to handle even the toughest case out there. We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and dedication to get our clients’ criminal charges dismissed or reduced. Once you call us for legal representation, we will assess your situation the best way we can and help you make wise decisions as you legally fought for your rights and freedom.

Do not let fear win you over. If charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, call us immediately. Our aggressive defense strategies will certainly prevent you from suffering major punishments.

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What is Considered as Drug Paraphernalia?

San Diego Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney Canva Two Police Men Standing Near Another Person Beside White and Blue Police Vehicle on Road 300x199Technically, ‘paraphernalia’ is a term that broadly covers practically everything that a person can use to inject, smoke, or use an illegal drug. Like compact mirrors or razor blades, common household items can even be classified as drug paraphernalia if they are successfully linked to the use of controlled substances. Although these things weren’t built for the main purpose of drug usage, you can still be charged with possession of paraphernalia.

Among the common items classified as drug paraphernalia are the following:

1. Hypodermic needles
2. Syringes
3. Spoons
4. Tourniquets
5. Rolling papers
6. Roach clips

To get the full list of the possible items that can be considered as drug paraphernalia and the conditions that exclude other items from this classification, talk to our San Diego drug paraphernalia defense attorney. We are more than happy to educate and represent you before the court.

Penalties for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

San Diego Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney Canva Empty Jail Cells 300x225Under California law, possession of drug paraphernalia is a criminal misdemeanor. Once convicted, the possible punishments include county jail time for up to six months and a fine that could reach up to $1,000. Additionally, you will then have a permanent criminal record.

Being convicted with possession of drug paraphernalia can lead to the following consequences:

1. You won’t land a good and stable job due to your criminal record. Not a lot of decent employers will hire you once they finish a background check on you.

2. You can’t rent an apartment. Many of your potential landlords will turn your lease down due to your criminal record.

3. You may not be able to retain or acquire a professional license. This is especially true if your profession is related to teaching, healthcare, or pharmacy.

4. You can’t get approved for an immigration visa, green card, or citizenship.

Drug Diversion as an Alternative Penalty

San Diego Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205Possession of drug paraphernalia is an offense that can pass for an alternative resolution through a drug diversion program. You will be eligible for drug diversion if the following is true to your situation:

1. You don’t have any drug conviction before.
2. No violence or threatened violence was involved in your possession of drug paraphernalia charge.
3. No evidence of other narcotics violations not eligible for drug diversion was involved with your charge.
4. You did not revoke any probation or parole.
5. You were not in the drug diversion program within the last five years.
6. You were not convicted of any felony charge for the last five years.

For the court to allow you in a drug diversion program, you must please guilty, and the court will give you time to complete your substance abuse treatment instead of sentencing you. Your possession of drug paraphernalia charge will then be dismissed after you finish the treatment and meet all of the conditions set by the court.

Entering into a drug diversion program will help you get out of your substance abuse problem, if ever you have any, and have a good life back. Also, completing the program will stop a drug conviction from being put on your record, making you apply for a job or continue getting a college degree without any problem.

Here at Lee Law Group, P.C., you can trust that each of our drug paraphernalia defense attorneys will expertly negotiate for you to enter into the drug diversion program. Rest assured, you won’t have to suffer unnecessarily from grave criminal penalties.

Best San Diego Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney

San Diego Criminal AttorneyBeing convicted of possession of paraphernalia charge can result in extremely negative impacts on your life, and that is what Lee Law Group, P.C. vows to prevent.

Here at our law firm, we trained each of our defense lawyers to handle every case with the utmost professionalism and accuracy. After hearing your story, we guarantee you that a careful and in-depth assessment will be conducted, followed by expert guidance to the most effective defense route possible for your case.

Lee Law Group, P.C. has extensive experience of putting our clients’ rights forward while ensuring that they are thoroughly protected before, during, and after the criminal trial process. We also promise to go through every possible defense that could give your case a favorable result.

Our history of successful defense cases will attest to our skills and knowledge. Additionally, what truly sets us apart from other law firms is our commitment to getting our clients away from legal doom as far as possible. So before you start defending yourself before the authorities, contact the best team of San Diego drug paraphernalia defense attorneys.

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Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoJust like any other criminal charge, possession of drug paraphernalia has serious consequences that you shouldn’t take lightly. Once you get charged or arrested for this offense, do not waste a second and contact our San Diego, CA drug paraphernalia defense attorney as soon as you can.

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