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San Diego Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney

Under California law, it is unlawful for any individual to engage or get involved in the initial, intermediate, or final stages of the illegal production of drugs, narcotics, and other controlled substances. If you are facing a drug manufacturing charge, it is crucial to immediately acquire the service of a San Diego drug manufacturing defense attorney.

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Drug Manufacturing Crime in San Diego

drug manufacturing crime being handled by the police in CaliforniaAny activity that relates to the manufacturing of illegal substances is prohibited, as outlined in the California Health and Safety Code section 11379.6. This means that you don’t have to take part in making controlled substances for you to be charged with drug manufacturing.

If you possess a precursor chemical in a sufficient amount that can be used in drug manufacturing, Health and Safety Code section 11383 will automatically presume that you are in possession of a controlled substance. For instance, it is prohibited to possess hydriodic acid for the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

The following are the five classifications of controlled substances. If you possess any precursor chemical used in their production or engaged in their manufacturing, a drug manufacturing charge will be posed against you.

1. Opiates – Schedule 1 Drugs (California Health and Safety Code 11054)
Example: marijuana
2. Raw opium – Schedule II Drugs (California Health and Safety Code section 11055)
Example: morphine
3. Stimulants – Schedule III Drugs (California Health and Safety Code section 11056)
Example: steroids
4. Narcotic drugs – Schedule IV Drugs (California Health and Safety Code section 11057)
Example: zolpidem
5. Narcotic drugs will include nonnarcotic active medicinal ingredients – Schedule V (California Health and Safety Code section 11058)
Example: small doses of codeine

If you want to know the full list of controlled substances and precursor chemicals prohibited by the law, talk to our San Diego drug manufacturing defense attorney. We can give you a comprehensive guide on what your specific charge entails and what you can do to be defended effectively in court.

Penalties of Drug Manufacturing Conviction in San Diego

conviction of drug manufacturing in San DiegoUnder California law, any person involved in the manufacturing, compounding, converting, producing, deriving, processing, or preparing any of the controlled substances classified above will be punished with three, five, or seven years of imprisonment. Aside from this, a fine of not more than $50,000 will be demanded from you once convicted.

For this to happen, the prosecution will have to prove both your possession and intent. This means that you must have control, dominion, or ownership of substances that you know are illegal for you to get convicted of a drug manufacturing offense. You should also have the intent to use the chemicals in your possession for the manufacturing of drugs, narcotics, and other controlled substances.

It is important to note as well that drug manufacturing is a felony that may lead to the following sentences:

Penalties for manufacturing controlled substances

1. Three, five, or seven years in California state prison
2. A maximum fine of up to $50,000
3. Formal probation

Penalties for offering to manufacture controlled substances

1. Three, four, or five years in California state prison
2. A maximum fine of up to $50,000
3. Formal probation

However, the prosecution can demand more severe penalties due to the following circumstances:

1. You manufactured substances with PCP, methamphetamines, or GHB in large quantities.
2. You manufactured illegal substances near playgrounds, schools, or any place where children are present or harmed.
3. You caused the serious injury or death of another person while manufacturing controlled substances.
4. You have prior drug crime convictions.

If you have any more questions, our drug manufacturing defense attorneys will happily cater to your needs and educate you about your case.

Legal Defenses Against Drug Manufacturing Charges

police investigation on drug manufacturing offenseEven if you got caught with a completely manufactured controlled substance, there is still hope for freedom. With Lee Law Group beside you, that hope would grow even greater.

Each defense lawyer in our team is experienced in looking for ways to mitigate your possible punishments. Among the mitigating factors that we can fight for are the following:

1. Reduced quantity of controlled substances
2. Reduced quality of product
3. Reduced lab size

Additionally, the following are some of the arguments that we can effectively present to prove your innocence against the drug manufacturing charge that you’re facing:

1. You have a personal and valid doctor’s prescription for the controlled substance you possessed.
2. You are the licensed caregiver of someone who was prescribed with the controlled substance.
3. You have a valid license for drug manufacturing issued by the state of California.
4. You have a valid permit to possess specific chemicals that may be used for drug manufacturing.

Lee Law Group can still employ a lot of defensive strategies to dismiss your charges or reduce your penalties at the very least. Just talk to our San Diego drug manufacturing defense attorney to assess your situation and direct you to the most effective resolution possible.

Top San Diego Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney

drug manufacturing defense law firmEvery criminal offense must be handled with utmost carefulness. It is extremely crucial for you to work with a skilled defense lawyer right when you know you’re facing a drug manufacturing charge. Lee Law Group is the best San Diego, CA criminal law firm to seek help from.

Defending individuals accused of drug-related crimes isn’t new to us. After years of providing legal services, we have had our share of clients accused of drug manufacturing and possession.

Our experience didn’t just lead to our now fully honed skills and widened knowledge, but it also helped establish our name as a respected defense law firm using our highly successful track record. We take pride in our nearly 100% victory in either reducing our clients’ charges or eliminating them.

At Lee Law Group, we can assure you that we will value your interests as much you do and protect your rights as much as you want us to. We will consider every possible defensive argument that we can present before the court to acquire nothing more than the minimum penalty possible for your case.

With our knowledge of California law, we make sure that we utilize everything at our disposal to weaken the prosecution’s case and provide you with a favorable result. All you have to do is call us and let us handle all the necessary legal action to clear your name.

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Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoA felony offense like drug manufacturing deserves to be handled by seasoned professionals who have already defended numerous individuals with the same charge.

So if you, your family, or someone close to you is currently dealing with this criminal offense, our San Diego, CA drug manufacturing defense attorney will be more than willing to assist you legally.

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