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We are always expected to be on our best behavior and follow all the rules in public. There are also unspoken rules that we must abide by without any prompting, such as respecting the peace of others and not causing a problem or scandal. However, some defy these rules and make a nuisance of themselves through violation.

San Diego Disorderly Conduct Lawyer Canva Two Police Men Standing Near Another Person Beside White and Blue Police Vehicle on Road 300x199Those who violate these rules are charged with disorderly conduct. While people found guilty of committing disorderly conduct know their actions were wrong, they – alongside those charged or accused of committing such acts – often wonder if disorderly conduct is illegal since they are unfamiliar with the law. Some would even show surprise when they find out the penalties attached to this crime, even for first-time offenders.

If you are charged or accused of disorderly conduct, don’t hesitate to contact Lee Law Group immediately. Our San Diego, CA criminal law firm assists clients with criminal cases, such as disorderly conduct. We provide personalized legal services throughout the proceedings. Clients are also assigned to one of our experienced criminal lawyers for their cases, so they don’t need to worry about waiting long to get legal advice when they need it.

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Definition of Disorderly Conduct

Under California’s Penal Code, “disorderly conduct” is questionable acts done by a person with the intention of disturbing the peace.

San Diego Disorderly Conduct Lawyer block4 300x199Some examples of these acts include:

  • Engaging in or soliciting prostitution
  • Begging or soliciting food or money in public
  • Alcohol or drug use in public
  • Wandering or loitering on any private property without reason or permission
  • Invading a person’s privacy through peeping or recording for the viewer’s sexual enjoyment

Aside from these acts, there are minor offenses that are also considered acts of disorderly conduct, and they are as follows:

  • Disturbing the peace
  • Fighting, using offensive words, and making noise
  • Trespassing
  • Rioting
  • Failure to Disperse

Our legal team has experience dealing with various San Diego disorderly conduct cases. We can assess the charges against you, the evidence presented, and your side of the story to determine whether the case is a disorderly conduct case. We will then personalize a legal strategy that we will use for your case and provide you with all the legal resources you will need to understand the case.

Penalties for Disorderly Conduct

Any disorderly conduct violation is considered a misdemeanor under California’s statute.

San Diego Disorderly Conduct Lawyer Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205It will come with jail time and fines, but additional stipulations such as community service, rehab, and restitution may be included. The severity of the penalty does vary depending on the type of offense committed, and it is possible to get multiple sentences if you have committed more than one violation. If one is a repeat offender, the penalties can be doubled and considered a felony depending on the act one has committed.

You can trust the experienced lawyers on San Diego disorderly conduct cases at Lee Law Group to help you fight for a lighter sentence or get it dismissed. We will also explain why the penalties are attached to your case and how we will fight against them. If you have a prior conviction, we will explain how it will affect the possible penalties you may face in court.

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Disorderly conduct violations are tricky to fight against, given the array of offenses that qualify under it. But, if you have a trusted criminal law firm that knows all these offenses and understands the legal process used by the court to judge these cases, you have a better chance of fighting for a lighter sentence or having it dismissed.

With Lee Law Group, you can be assured that an experienced and talented legal team is handling your San Diego disorderly conduct case and fighting for the best outcome possible. Let us know immediately whether this is your first offense or if there are other violations involved in your case, and we will prepare the best legal defense for you.

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