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The court system isn’t something everyone can navigate with ease.

trial process involving criminal charges

Many technicalities and rules should be abided by, and it won’t be easy for everyone to keep up with each of them, especially if you’re the one under the scrutiny of the system. So whenever you are facing a criminal charge, contact our San Diego criminal trial attorney immediately.

Lee Law Group houses a team of defense attorneys with in-depth knowledge and many years of experience. No matter how complex or overwhelming all the laws and court rules are, we will certainly guide you on how to deal with them all. Through every stage of your criminal trial, trust that our attorneys will provide invaluable assistance to ensure the most satisfactory result for your case.

Most of the time, the capabilities of your chosen legal representative can be the strongest determining factor whether you’ll be convicted of a criminal charge or live as a free man or woman. If you want to achieve the latter, we are your best partner in California.

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San Diego Criminal Trial Process

police investigationNot one of our clients will say that facing a criminal trial is easy. However, we can assure you that all of them were provided with exceptional legal support which eased their burden from getting involved in criminal acts.

Although the trial process is undoubtedly complicated and usually gets messy, Lee Law Group hopes the following can help simplify them at the very least.

If there are more questions that you want to ask, you can always talk to our team of criminal trial attorneys that are only a phone call away. We are always ready to answer all of your questions!

Here are the stages involved in a San Diego criminal trial process:


If the police didn’t catch you committing the crime, an investigation would take place before arresting you. This includes the collection of evidence and interview of witnesses that will clarify the events and timeline of the alleged crime. An investigation is done to establish strong proofs that guarantee the commission of the crime and find traces of the real suspect behind such an act. After the investigation is done and sufficient evidence may be used against you, they may issue a warrant of arrest for you and the other people involved, if any.

During the investigation, police officers may interrogate you or search your property. Even at this early stage, it is extremely crucial to acquire a San Diego criminal trial attorney’s service. They will ensure that all your rights will be protected during an interrogation or search. Also, they will guide you on how to present yourself, tell your side of the story, and what questions you should answer or not.

Arrest and Charges

If the authorities found anything that somehow makes you guilty during the investigation, you may be arrested. During this time, the police may search you, known as ‘search incident to an arrest.’ They are not required to have a search warrant to do this.

However, before the police can arrest you, they need to have probable cause or enough reason to believe that you committed a crime. The only reason for authorities to arrest you on the spot is when they see you doing something illegal.

Once you’re arrested, the prosecutor will then decide if they will file a charge against you or not. If there is enough evidence for them to charge you, you may be held in custody for arraignment, or you may pay for a set bail amount to be released. If ever there’s no charge to be filed, you’ll be free to go.


During this step, you will appear before the court for the first time after being arrested and charged with a crime. The court will then read the charges filed against you, explain your rights, and, if you can’t afford a lawyer, explain that one will be appointed for you.

With the help of our expert San Diego criminal trial attorney, this is also where you’ll have the opportunity to make a plea for the charge. Your plea will either be (1) guilty, (2) not guilty, or (3) no contest. We will give you the full explanation of what each entails and recommend the most appropriate plea for your charge and unique circumstances.


Addressing the bail can be done during the arraignment or at a separate bail hearing. The judge’s decision could either release you without bail (a.k.a. own recognizance), set bail, or deny bail.

If a bail amount was set, you would have to pay it in full before you can get out of jail. However, if bail was denied, you wouldn’t have a choice but to remain in the authority’s custody while your case is being tackled in court.

Pretrial Process

criminal defense attorney in San DiegoAs your criminal trial attorney, this stage is where we will trade evidence with the prosecutor through a process known as discovery.

During this time, we will do our best to build the strongest case possible for your situation. Although we are thoroughly prepared to defend you in your trial, we will also work hard to prevent the trial from actually taking place, if possible.

Our San Diego criminal trial attorney will ensure that all the evidence used against you is legally admissible and wasn’t obtained by violating your rights. We’ll make sure to challenge every legal issue, undermine the prosecution’s case, and have your charges reduced or eventually dismissed.


The actual trial is when both the prosecution and defense teams present evidence, testimonies, and arguments before the judge or jury. As long as your criminal offense is not an infraction, you have the right to a jury trial. On the other hand, you may also opt to have a court trial instead and have a judge decide on your guilt or innocence.

During this stage, the prosecution will lay everything they got to prove that you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, with Lee Law Group beside you, we assure you that you wouldn’t suffer from the maximum penalty or be restricted behind bars.


If the verdict on your case finds you guilty, a separate sentencing hearing will follow. This is where the judge will hear both sides of prosecution and defense on the appropriate sentence considering your charge and circumstances. With Lee Law Group, rest assured that we will get as much evidence as possible to urge the judge to give a sentence that is favorable to you.

Best San Diego Criminal Trial Attorney

When you’re in a trial, you don’t want a legal representative who won’t secure a favorable result for you.

San Diego California Law Firm

You need an aggressive defendant who has already acquired extensive legal experience and has already won numerous cases. You need someone who would advocate for your rights and who won’t stop looking for evidence and reasons to get your charge reduced or entirely dismissed.

Lee Law Group is all that and more!

We have been founded on the principle that every accused individual should be given a chance to defend themselves in the best way possible. That is why years after we started serving the people of San Diego, we are now a respected name that most criminally charged individuals call for.

Our in-house team of San Diego, CA criminal trial attorneys have been specifically handpicked to ensure that their skills, knowledge, experience, and commitment to the job are more than enough to provide premium legal assistance to all our clients. Rest assured, no matter what criminal charge you are facing or what circumstances you’re currently in, Lee Law Group will give you the best possible resolution you could have.

We will hear your side of the story, assess the situation, answer all of your questions, and guide you on what you should or shouldn’t do. With us, trust that you’re far from suffering the worst-case scenario there is.

Free Consultation with a Criminal Trial Attorney

Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoNo one wants to be under the pressure and stress brought by a criminal trial. However, if you already found yourself in this mess, know that our San Diego, CA criminal trial attorney is always ready to help. One phone call to our law firm can be your golden ticket out of jail.

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