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San Diego Criminal Trespass

Privacy is a top priority when looking to purchase or rent a property. These properties may be where you will live with your family, or if for business purposes, where you will conduct your business operations and safeguard important investments and assets. Individuals who don’t have a valid reason or right to be on the properties you own or rent must respect your privacy and refrain from trespassing to avoid any disturbances in your personal space.

New Jersey Drug Crime Criminal Defense AttorneysHowever, some choose not to follow the rules and violate someone else’s privacy by trespassing onto their properties without obtaining consent. Even when confronted about their actions, they may still refuse to leave the property and persist in harassing you, your family, and your business. Fortunately, there are laws in place for trespassers. If you want to have your San Diego criminal trespass case heard and adjudicated in court, you can work with us at Lee Law Group to get started.

We can help you analyze your case and identify the best legal strategy to get the offenders punished for their actions. Clients are guaranteed to receive a personalized legal service from us because we know that each case varies and not one specific strategy will work for all. Our team is also ready to help you if you find yourself charged or accused of committing criminal trespassing.

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Definition of Criminal Trespassing in California

Trespassing is defined in California as remaining or going on someone else’s property without consent or the right to do so. The Penal Code further elaborates its definition of trespassing by identifying over thirty activities that count as criminal trespassing.

New Jersey Felony DefenseThese are some of the acts included in the list:

  • Entering another person’s property with the intention of damaging it
  • Entering another person’s property with the intention to interfere with the business operations in the facility
  • Occupying another person’s property without the owner’s permission
  • Refusing to leave the property after being asked to do so
  • Taking dirt, soil, or stone off another person’s “land” without consent

If the act of criminal trespassing was committed with the intention to threaten harm to another person, it will be classified as aggravated or felony trespassing. In California, aggravated trespass is classified as a wobbler or a crime that can be considered a felony or a misdemeanor. The prosecutor can determine the actual charge when they file the case before the court.

Criminal trespassing, as well as aggravated trespassing, can also be connected to other offenses. These are criminal threats, burglary, arson, and vandalism, each having its own respective penalties.

Do you want a better explanation of how the court reviews and judges San Diego criminal trespassing cases? Or are you uncertain if your actions or the trespassing individual’s are considered criminal trespassing? Let our San Diego, CA criminal law firm look at your case. You will be assigned to one of our criminal trespassing lawyers, who will be more than happy to review your case and answer any questions.

Penalties for Criminal Trespassing

If one is found guilty of criminal trespassing, the penalties depend on the severity of the offense. If it is a criminal trespassing charge, the defendant will face penalties for a misdemeanor and an infraction that matches the acts committed during the crime. For aggravated trespassing, the penalties may vary depending on the charges filed in court and if additional crimes have been committed.

San Diego Criminal Trespass Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205Once you reach out to Lee Law Group, your assigned criminal trespassing lawyer will explain the potential penalties you may face based on the charges against you. Should you have a previous conviction or have committed a related crime, we can explain how it will affect the penalties you already face. Meanwhile, if you are the petitioner, our legal team will make sure that the maximum penalties are given to the defendant for their violation.

We guarantee that we will use our veritable experience to personalize our legal strategy, achieving the best outcome for the case. You can also inform us about any legal options you want us to consider for your case.

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Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoWhether in your home or commercial property, people must respect your privacy, especially if they do not have an explicit reason to be in it. If they violate your privacy and persist even after being asked to leave, you have the option to seek legal recourse through the court to hold them accountable for the law they have infringed upon.

Our San Diego, CA criminal law firm is always ready to help you get the right charges filed against these trespassers and fight for a fair sentence. We guarantee that we will fight for your best interests and that the court will make the right decision. Meanwhile, our San Diego criminal trespass lawyers are also here for you if you are the one charged or accused of the crime. Contact our legal team at any time, and once we have gathered all the necessary details about your case, we will immediately get your case or legal defense under way.

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