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Alpine Fraud Defense

Fraud is a serious offense that must not be taken lightly by those who are charged with such a crime. Depending on the type of felony you have done and the money involved in the case, you may be facing a hefty fine and a lengthy jail time. If you are found guilty of such a crime, your life will never be the same, and it can change how the world sees you.

If you are accused of fraud, you need a team that can help you out and protects your family. At Lee Law Group, our experienced criminal defense team can help you prepare for your case, answer any questions you may have, and protect your freedom at court.

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What Constitutes Fraud

Alpine Fraud Defense Canva Empty Jail Cells 300x225There are many types of fraud that people can commit, and it influences how it is seen in court. Some of the usual fraud cases in Alpine are credit card fraud, bank fraud, prescription fraud, forgery, tax fraud, and money laundering. Even creating fake financial statements, employment credentials, and other documents used for requirements can be grounds for fraud.

If you wish to know more about the types of fraud and how it is seen in court, you can ask your criminal defense team to help you out. Here at Lee Law Group, we studied every aspect of California’s penal law so we can defend our clients if they are charged with criminal cases.

Penalties for Fraud in Alpine

If you are found guilty of fraud, you may face incarceration or fine, or both. The severity of your penalty is dependent on the type of fraud committed and what fraud law you have violated, whether it is a state or federal law. The amount of money, location, and fraud methods used will also be used to determine the penalties.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor fraud conviction, you can be fined a couple of thousand dollars. Meanwhile, if you are charged with a felony fraud condition, the fines can be up to $10,000. Restitution may also be charged for the victims of the crime. Jail time may also be recommended if the fraud committed is severe.

Our Alpine, CA team at Lee Law Group will help you understand the penalties you may be facing if you are found guilty of fraud. We will also do our best, so you get the best resolution or agreement to your case.

What Should You Do if Charged

New Jersey Criminal Law AttorneysIf you are charged with fraud, it can be life-changing, and you must know what to do to reduce possible setbacks to your case and help you get things back to normal.

When the police approach you, be calm and stay quiet. If you talk back to the authorities, what you say may be used against you. Remember your Miranda rights and only provide your name before saying that you wish to invoke your right to remain silent. You should also mention that you want to speak to your lawyer so you can prevent further problems. You should also not allow them to search your home without any warrant.

Reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney if you find yourself in a legal charge. If you don’t know a criminal defense lawyer, you can reach out to Lee Law Group at (619) 349-1588.

Why Reach Out to Lee Law Group

Lee Law Group is a Alpine-based criminal defense law firm that offers legal support for anyone in need of legal support. With our long history, case success and dedication, our services are the best ones you can find.

No matter what criminal case you find yourself in, our team of lawyers is ready to help. We are committed to helping you get the best results. When you contact us, our team will help you get back on track and return your life to normal.

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Lee Law Group San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney LogoWhen it comes to criminal defense and trustworthy legal assistance, you will not go wrong with contacting Lee Law Group. The team will be with you in every step of the legal process, provide advice, and ensure you know what to expect as we defend you in court. We will also help you get the best possible resolution for your case.

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